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First Round. As the number 1 seed in the West, the Lakers drew the number 8 seed Utah Jazz in the first round. The Lakers won the first 2 games at home with lackluster performances that drew criticism from the media and the addicts. The Jazz then won game 3 in Salt Lake City so that the Lakers bounced and also won game 4 to take a commanding 3-1 series lead. The Lakers closed out the series by beating the Utah Jazz in game 5 at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Oklahoma Local area. The Thunder has not lived of up to the hype but has never disappointed either. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have improved and are fun to watch, but on defensive drenched as good as had been holding last the four seasons. The will be threat in the playoffs again but upgrade . dangerous whenever they got a serviceable big man via trading time frame.

Jabbar became renowned for his “skyhook” shot. Additionally became the NBA’s top career scorer, at 38,387 points. Jabbar won three NBA titles with the Lakers.

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Andrew Bynum sprained his left knee on Sunday against Memphis. Bynum landed on his teammate Odom’s foot and didn’t have fun playing the rest of this game. The doctors did X-rays along with the results were negative. Your doctor insisted on doing an MRI to Bynum to verify that he was ok. After Memphis’s game Andrew was walking under his own power but limping just a little.

Game four was a the Lakers should have won, but let be a waste. The Lakers took a 35-14 first quarter lead, and led 58-40 at halftime. Heading into feeling confident half, it looked as the Lakers would the series at 2-2. Nevertheless the Celtics will not likely be turned down for. Outscoring the aaa replica nba jerseys 31-15 from the third quarter, and 26-18 in the fourth quarter the celtics stunned save crowd, and Phil Jackson’s squad, and won online game 97-91. Paul Pierce scored 20 points, Ray Allen added 19 and Kevin Garnett 16, but authentic surprise was James Posey off the bench, who scored 18 points. The Lakers would look back on the series and point to this game to be a devastating setback.

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Then there’s the x-factor, naturally. The signing of Ron Artest, no doubt one of the best defensive players in soccer. Artest will turn 31, making for a well aged team that comes with the physical prowess and the information to consider most things a team is capable to doing. The Los Angeles Lakers are favorites to repeat entering the time period.